10/2017: Leite presents a seminar at Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), in Virginia. Thanks Alberto Pique, for the invitation and for all the opportunity to discuss science with so many!

10/2017: Leite, Zack, Natalie and Kevin visit Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Prince George’s County, where they present the lecture What is Materials Science? What are the possible career paths? to 60 students.

09/2017: Leite gives an invited talk at the “Scanning Probe Microscopy for Energy Applications” symposium at the European MRS.

09/2017: Congratulations to Dr. Alexander Yulaev for his successful PhD thesis defense! And congrats on your new appointment as a post-doc at NIST.

09/2017: Congrats to Zack for passing his Physics qual exam!

09/2017: Anusha Dixit (Poolesville High School) and Anna Park (Eleanor Roosevelt High School), alumni high school interns in the LeiteLab, start their undergraduate studies in Aerospace Engineering at UMD and Materials Science at Carnegie Mellon Univ., respectively. Great Job!

08/2017: Leitelab takes over the 254th ACS National Meeting in DC. Zack,  Chen, and Alan give talks about their most research research findings on optical materials. Beth’s presents her work on perovskite solar cells, which is selected for SciMix – “a large poster session and mixer held at each ACS national meeting. The poster session consists of abstracts selected by division program chairs and represents the most exceptional abstracts submitted to participating divisions.”

08/2017: Welcome to Prof. Bernardo Neves from Minas Gerais Federal University, in Brazil, who is joining us during his one year sabbatical at UMD!

08/2017: Julia finishes her NSF-REU program in our group! We hope you’ll be back at UMD soon! Amida, from Eleanor Roosevelt High School, completes her summer internship in our group as well. Great job folks!

08/2017: Good luck to Dr. Mariama Dias as she starts her tenure track faculty position at Richmond University!

08/2017: We welcome Prof. Bernardo Neves, from UFMG – Brazil, who will be doing his sabbatical in our group!

08/2017: Leite gives an invited at SPIE Optics+Photonics in San Diego. Thanks Davidov, for the kind invitation. Alexander presents his work on Li plating in all-solid-state batteries.

07/2017: Leite gives an invited talk at META’17, in Incheon – Korea. Thank you Sardana for the invitation. Check the meeting program here.

07/2017: Beth and John’s invited Perspective on mesoscale functional imaging of materials for PV is published in ACS Energy Letters! Check the journal’s link and the pdf. Check the MSE website for a news story.

07/2017: Leite, Zack, Beth and Julia meet 34 high schoolers from the Women in Engineering Program at UMD to talk about what is materials science, life as a researcher, and STEM career paths.

07/2017: Leite presents a Keynote invited talk at the 10th International Conference on Nanophotonics (ICNP), in Recife – Brazil. Thank you Gomes, for the very kind invitation.

06/2017: IEEE PVSC takes place in Washington DC! Leite is the chair of “Area 5 – Characterization Methods”, Beth presents her latest scientific findings on nanoscale imaging of Voc in PV materials as a “Best Student Presentation Award Finalist”, and John resolves the effect of CdSe window layer on CdTe devices by correlative microscopy, respectively.

06/2017: John receives The Jacob K. Goldhaber travel grant to present his work at the 44th IEEE PVSC meeting!

06/2017: Leite presents a seminar at Army Research Laboratory, in Adelphi/MD. Thank you Lundgren, for the invitation.

06/2017: Leite presents the Photon Science Seminar at SLAC – Stanford University (Menlo Park, CA). Thanks Nogueira and Toney for the very kind invitation and for all the science discussions we had!

06/2017: Beth and John’s Invited Perspective will soon appear in ACS Energy Letters!

06/2017: Welcome Julia – REU student from the Electrification and Transportation Program.

05/2017: After two years as an undergraduate researcher in our group, Zinab is now heading to UC Berkeley for her PhD. See the news story about her NSF fellowship and plans for the future here. Good luck Zinab, and congrats on all your accomplishments!

05/2017: Leite gives an invited presentation at the Hybrid and Organic Photovoltaics (HOPV) meeting, in Lausanne. Thank you to the organizers, Hagfeldt, Graetzel and Nazeeruddin, for the kind invitation!

05/2017: Congrats to Alexander for winning the 2nd place poster award at the AVS Mid-Atlantic DC Regional Meeting!

05/2017: Best of luck to Anna! After finishing her year-long high school academic internship in our group, Anna is heading to Carnegie Mellon University to pursue a major in MSE.

04/2017: Beth wins the sole All-S.T.A.R. Fellowships of the Clark School of Engineering for academic year 2017-18. Well done Beth, and enjoy your $10,000 cash award! See news story here.

04/2017: Leite presents the group’s latest scientific findings at the CREB meeting, part of the Engineering Sustainability Day at UMD.

04/2017: Leite presents a seminar at Penn State. Thanks Akhlesh, for the kind invitation.

04/2017: Chen is second place at the OSA/SPIE Student Poster Competition in Optics and Photonics, and Beth is awarded an honorable mention. Enjoy your cash award Chen! Well done folks!

04/2017: Beth and Chen are both awarded the Graduate Student Summer Research Fellowship for Summer 2017. Congrats folks!

04/2017: Anna, from Eleanor Roosevelt High School, presents her work in our group at the Annual Research Practicum Symposium. Soon Anna will start her major in MSE at Carnegie Mellon University. Congrats Anna!

04/2017: Elizabeth Tennyson is selected as Best Student Presentation finalist by the 44th IEEE PVSC. Congrats Beth!

03/2017: Zinab Jadidi is awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, and John Howard receives an Honorable Mention. Great job folks! See news story about Zinab here.

03/2017: Leite gives an invited presentation at APS March Meeting and receives the 2016 Ovshinsky Sustainable Energy Fellowship at the Award Ceremony on Monday evening. See detailed info here. Thanks APS, for the kind support!

03/2017: Elizabeth and Joe’s paper on real-time nanoscale open-circuit voltage dynamics of perovskite is published in Nano Letters and highlighted by and by the Clark School of Engineering! Check the article here.

02/2017: Chen is awarded the Harry K. Wells Graduate Fellowship from Clark School of Engineering. Congrats Chen!

02/2017: Leite presents the MSE seminar at UCLA. Thank you Dwight, for the great visit!

01/2017: Leite gives an invited talk at SPIE Photonics West, in San Francisco.

01/2017: Alexander’s newest paper is featured on the inside cover of Adv. Materials Interfaces. Check the journal’s link and the paper.

01/2017: Chen and Mariama’s paper on alloyed nanoparticles is published on the front COVER of Adv. Optical Materials. Check the link and the paper (pdf).

12/2016: Leite presents a Seminar at Boston College, in the Department of Physics. Thanks Ken, for the kind invitation!

12/2016: Fall MRS – Leite presents the group’s work on plasmonics, perovskites and all-solid-state batteries, and co-organizes the symposium “NM4—Nanomaterials-Based Solar Energy Conversion“.

12/2016: Alexander’s paper is published on Adv. Materials Interfaces. Check the paper  here.

11/2016: Chen and Mariama’s paper on metal alloyed nanostructures will be featured on the Front Cover of Adv. Optical Materials in Jan 2017. Check the paper here, and stay tuned for the cover!

11/2016: Beth’s paper is published in ACS Energy Letters!

11/2016: Leite gives a seminar at Rutgers University (Department of MSE).

11/2016: Alexander’s paper “Imaging and Analysis of Encapsulated Objects through an Electron and Optically Transparent Graphene Oxide Membrane” is accepted in Adv. Materials Interfaces. Congrats Alexander!

10/2016: Beth is selected to represent UMD graduate students at the Frontiers in Optics Laser Science (FiO/LS) 2016, in Rochester, NY.

10/2016: Our paper in collaboration with the Munday group is highlighted on the Cover of ACS Appl. Materials & Interfaces. Check the journal’s link here.

09/2016: Leite gives an invited talk at ECS Prime Meeting. Thanks Shirley – for the invitation!

09/2016: Leite gives 2 invited talks at the Brazil-MRS meeting.

09/2016: Beth’s paper on functional imaging of CIGS solar cells is accepted in ACS Energy Letters! Stay tune for more news…

09/2016: Leite wins the 2017 APS Ovshinsky Sustainable Energy Fellowship. Thank you APS, for this very prestigious award! Check news story here and here.

09/2016: Leite gives 2 invited presentations at SPIE Optics+Photonics and one contributed talk. Thank you to the organizers for the kind invitation.

09/2016: Leite presents a seminar at the Department of Nanoengineering at UC San Diego. Thanks David, for the invitation!

09/2016: Paper on resonators for PV with ECE collaborators is accepted in ACS Appl. Materials & Interfaces!

08/2016: Chen and Mariama’s paper on alloyed nanostructures for plasmonics is accepted in Adv. Optical Materials.

08/2016: Alexander’s paper on dry graphene transfer is accepted in RCS Advances.

08/2016: Our work on PV with our collaborators is accepted in ACS Appl. Materials & Interfaces.

08/2016: Zinab is selected to present her undergraduate research at the Council on Undergraduate Research’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates Symposium, at NSF (the meeting will take place in Virginia, Oct 23-34). Great job Zinab!

08/2016:  Zinab wins the REU/NSF competition for Best overall project. Great job Zinab!

08/2016: Leite lab receives funding from the Electrical, Communications and Cyber Systems (ECCS) Program from NSF to develop research on perovskite solar cells.  Thank you NSF!

08/2016: Leite gives an invited talk at the Oak Ridge National Lab CNMS users meeting.

07/2016: Leite gives an invited presentation at META’16 (7th International Conference on Metamaterials, Photonic Crystals and Plasmonics), in Malaga, Spain. Check link for the meeting here.

07/2016: Leite lab receives funding from the Metals and Metallic Nanostructures/DMR Program to develop research on plasmonics.  Thank you NSF!

06/2016: Leite presents a seminar to the REU/TREND summer program students at UMD.

06/2016: Poolesville high school student Anusha Dixit joins our group this summer. Welcome Anusha!

06/2016: Leite presents the talk “What is Materials Science?” to AP Physics2 students from 11th grade at Eleanor Roosevelt High School, in Prince George’s County.

06/2016: Leite is the Chair of the Area 5 – Characterization Methods symposium at the 43rd IEEE PVSC meeting in Portland, Oregon.

06/2016: Leite gives an invited presentation at JUAMI: Joint US-Africa Materials Institute summer school in Materials for Energy, an NSF funded program. Thank you Sossina, for the great week!

05/2016: Alexander receives an honorable mention for his poster presentation entitled “Graphene transfer using anthracene as a sacrificial layer” at the AVS Mid-Atlantic DC Regional Meeting. Congrats Alex!

05/2016: Beth is selected to participate at  JUAMI: Joint US-Africa Materials Institute summer school in Materials for Energy, an NSF funded program. Congrats Beth!

05/2016: Congrats to Chen for his successful proposal defense, and to Garrett for his graduation. Garrett, an NSF fellow, will be starting his PhD at Duke University next fall.

05/2016: Leite presents an invited talk at the UMD Nanoday. See link for detailed information about the event.

04/2016: Chen’s work on metal alloys for plasmonics is on the Cover of ACS Photonics! See the full paper, the journal’s link, the UMD news story and the UMD Right now press release.

04/2016: Congratulations to Brady for receiving a second ASPIRE Fellowship (summer 2016).

04/2016: Congratulations to Beth, for receiving the UMD Graduate Dean’s Dissertation Fellowship!

04/2016: Leite presents an overview of the group’s latest results to the MSE Board of Visitors.

04/2016: Leite gives an invited presentation at the WITec Workshop at Rutgers University. Thanks Aleks, for the kind invitation.

04/2016: Congratulations to Dr. Mariama Dias for her Schlumberger Foundation Faculty of the Future post-doc fellowship, Aug 2016 – July 2017.

03/2016: Congrats Garrett for your NSF Graduate Fellowship! Check the UMD news story here and the MSE one in this link.

03/2016: Beth gives a seminar at the Department of Chemistry at the University of North Carolina.

03/2016: Leite Lab takes the APS March Meeting by storm: Beth, Chen, Griffin, Garrett and Mariama presented their most recent results, and Leite lead the Tutorial#2 on solar cells (Sunday, before the meeting) and gave a presentation at the US-Brazil APS Forum (Saturday, before the meeting).

03/2016: Leite presents a MRSEC seminar at the Department of Materials Science & Eng at Northwestern University.

03/2016: Leite presents The Electrical & Computer Engineering Distinguished Colloquium Series Hosted by Booz Allen Hamilton at UMD. More info here.

02/2016: Beth receives the prestigious Hulka Energy Research Fellowship from the A. James Clark School of Engineering. Congrats!

02/2016: Garret receives the “Best student research award” from MSE/UMD. Congrats!

02/2016: Chen’s paper on plasmonics is accepted in ACS Photonics. Great job Chen!

02/2016: Beth is selected to give a seminar at the University of North Carolina’s MRS Student Exchange Meeting. See detailed info here. Congrats for this one more award Beth!

02/2016: Leite gives an invited presentation at EMN Batteries Meeting, in Orlando.

02/2016: Congrats to Zinab and Brady for receiving ASPIRE Fellowships for the spring semester!

02/2016: Leite and A. Davidov (NIST) are awarded the UMD‐ARL‐NIST Research and Innovation Seed Grant to investigate all-­‐solid-­‐state batteries at extreme temperatures.

02/2016: Leite gives an invited talk at SPIE Photonics West in San Francisco. Thanks Laurent,  for the invitation!

02/2016: Leite and A. Nogueira (UNICAMP) are awarded the SPRINT – São Paulo Researchers in International Collaboration from FAPESP to investigate perovskite solar cells.

02/2016: Leite will lead the Tutorial #2 “Probing Photovoltaic Devices with State-of-the-Art Imaging Tools” at APS March Meeting. See detailed info about the event here.

01/2016: Leite presents a seminar at CNST/NIST. Thanks Daniel and Dan for organizing the visit.

01/2016: John, Brady, Zinab and Helen join the Leite Lab.

12/2015: Beth wins the IREAP Graduate Student Presentation Award. Congrats Beth!

12/2015: Paper on Nanoscale imaging of Voc in solar cells is on the front cover of Adv. Energy Materials. See journal’s link and UMD Newstories on umdrightnow and ireap. See the highlight from

12/2015: Leite presents a talk on in situ nanoimaging of the mesoscale transient behavior of perovskite solar cells in the MRS Perovskite Rump Session. This project is collaboration with PhD student Joe Garrett (Physics) and Prof. Jeremy Munday (ECE). See MRS Meeting Scene Day highlight  here.

12/2015: Chen’s paper is featured on the cover of ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. Check link here and paper. Check IREAP’s news story here and the UMERC link.

11/2015: Our group is presenting 5 talks at the Fall MRS Meeting, including one on the perovskites rump session! Chen’s illustration on the “Warhol batteries” is selected to the Science as Art Competition.

11/2015: Chen’s work on all-solid-state batteries will be featured on the Cover of ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces!

11/2015: Leite gives an invited presentation at the Energy Materials Nanotechnology (EMN) meeting in Las Vegas.

11/2015: Post-doc Mariama presents a talk at Louisiana State University and participates on the Schlumberger Faculty of the Future Foundation Meeting in Boston.

11/2015: Outreach: Leite participates on a round table discussion about careers in STEM for undergraduate and graduate students funded by the Brazil Program Science without Borders, as part of the first meeting with the Brazilian Expert Network. Thank you to the Brazil Embassy for organizing the event.

11/2015: Leite presents a seminar at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, at George Washington University. Thanks Santiago, for organizing the visit.

10/2015: Our work on imaging Voc on photovoltaic devices with nanoscale resolution will be featured on the front cover of Adv. Energy Materials in the near future! Stay tune for the cover…  You can download the paper here.

10/2015: Outreach: Leite gives a lab tour to freshmen students, as part of the Women in Engineering Program at UMD.

10/2015: Alexander presents his work on graphene at the AVS Meeting.

10/2015: Chen’s paper on all-solid-state batteries is accepted in ACS Appl. Materials and Interfaces! Check the paper here

09/2015: Leite gives an invited talk at the Brazil-MRS Meeting. Thanks Ana, for the invitation!

09/2015: Our SPIE Newsroom paper is now online. You can download the manuscript here.

09/2015: Leite presents a Colloquium at the Department of Physics – UMBC. Thanks Matt, for the kind invitation.

09/2015: Congratulations to Alexander, for passing his Qual exam!

09/2015: Beth’s paper on imaging the Voc of photovoltaic devices with nanoscale spatial resolution is accepted in Adv. Energy Materials! Check soon for more details.

09/2015: Sadia (undergraduate student, MSE) joins our team!

08/2015: Dr. Mariama Dias arrives at UMD, as a new post-doc in our group. Welcome, Mariama!

08/2015: Leite gives 3 presentations at SPIE Optics+Photonics, in San Diego, including an invited talk on Imaging local electrical and optical responses in micron-structured devices. Thank you, Albert and Alec for the invitation!

08/2015: REU-NSF students Cindy and Clayton and the Brazil Science Without Borders undergraduate student Lucas successfully finish their summer projects.

08/2015: REU-NSF students Cindy and Clayton both won the two Best Presentation Awards from the Transportation & Electrification Program for their independent work on micron-scale all-solid-state batteries. Congrats!

07/2015: Leite presents a lecture about “MSE & carrer paths” to 30 female high school students (rising juniors and seniors), as part of the UMD Women in Engineering program. Check more info about this neat program here.

06/2015: Leite presents new work on CIGS at the IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference in New Orleans, and will chair “Area 5: Characterization Methods” in the 2016 meeting. More info related to the conference will be announced here in the near future.

06/2015: Leite presents a seminar at the Department of Mining and Materials Engineering at McGill Univ., in Montreal.

06/2015: Leite gives an invited presentation at Photonics North. Thanks for the invitation Jacob.

06/2015: Beth gives an invited presentation at the IEEE Photonics Society, for the Women in Photonics Technical Talks event at the Applied Physics Laboratory in Baltimore.

06/2015: Chen and Beth present their work at the School of Engineering ResearchFest at UMD, and Beth receives the ResearchFest best presenter award. Congrats Beth!

06/2015: Allen receives the NSF graduate fellowship. Our group received the 2 NSFGRFP fellowships awarded to MSE/UMD (+ 1 honorable mention). Great job team!

06/2015: Welcome Garrett – new undergraduate student!

06/2015: Welcome Cynthia, Clayton, and Lucas – summer students. And welcome Emily and Griffin: future grad students in MSE!

06/2015: Congrats to Joe Garrett (Physics, UMD) for receiving The Thomas Mason Interdisciplinary Physics Fund. Joe will work with our group this summer, on a project on perovskite solar cells.

05/2015: Congrats to Allen, Ellen, and Eric for their graduation!

05/2015: Leite and Rabin visit the Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Prince George County, where they presented a lecture about MSE and performed solar cell experiments with 11th grade students. Thanks Yau-Jong, for organizing our visit. :)

04/2015: Beth and Eric are selected by the Chair of MSE to represent all the graduate and undergraduate students of our department in a special event for our alumni. Both gave presentations about their research in the READ-Lab.

04/2015: Leite presents the group’s work on PV at the UMERC Sustainability Workshop – Engineering Grid Resiliency for a Changing Climate.

04/2015: Chen and Beth receive the Graduate Student Summer Research Fellowship (Summer 2015). Great job guys!

04/2015: Garrett Wessler receives the UMD ASPIRE Fellowship (Summer 2015). Congrats Garrett!

04/2015: Beth wins the first place of the OSA Student Poster Competition in Optics and Photonics at UMD for her work on nanospectroscopy of PV materials. Congrats Beth!

04/2015: Beth, Chen (oral contributions), and Allen (poster contribution) present their work at the SPIE DSS Meeting, in Baltimore.

04/2015: Leite delivers 3 presentations at Spring MRS (SanFran): on photovoltaics, all-solid-state batteries, and plasmonics.

03/2015: Congrats to Eric for his NSF Graduate Fellowship! And Congrats to Beth and Allen for their honorable mentions! Great job everyone. Check the news story here.

03/2015: Mariana receives the OMSE- Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Education and the 34th Annual Student Recognition awards from UMD. Congrats Mariana!

03/2015: Leite received the Advance Seed UMD/NSF Grant to develop work on plasmonics.

02/2015: Eric receives the Kim Borsavage and Pamela J. Stone Student Award for Outstanding Service from the Clark School of Engineering at UMD. Congrats Eric!

02/2015: Check the news story about our recently published paper on Al anode for Li-ion all-solid-state batteries: MSE/UMD news here, and NIST news story here.

02/2015: Congrats to Allen for his second ASPIRE (A Scholars Program for Industry-Oriented Research in Engineering) research scholarship.

02/2015: Allen receives one more award: the Department of Materials Science and Engineering Student Research Award. Go Allen!

02/2015: Eric receives the Department of Materials Science and Engineering Chairman’s Outstanding Senior Award. Great job, Eric!

02/2015: Allen receives the Outstanding ASPIRE Student Research Award for his work on plasmonics. Well done Allen, congrats! Read the news story here.

01/2015: Elizabeth receives The Jacob K. Goldhaber Travel Grant to present her work at SPIE. Congrats Beth!

01/2015: Mariana joins the group. Welcome Mariana!

01/2015: Leite delivered an invited presentation at the EMN Photovoltaics Conference in Orlando. Thanks Holly, for organizing the meeting!

12/2014: Our paper on in-situ analysis of all-solid-state batteries with Al anode is highlighted on the i-cover of J. Mat. Chem. A. Check here for the paper.

12/2014: Leite gives an invited presentation at the OSA Light, Energy and the Environment Congress in Canberra, Australia. Thanks for the invitation Tom!

11/2014: Leite gives a seminar at Univ. of New South Wales in Sydney. Thank you Shujuan Huang and Rob Patterson for organizing the visit!

11/2014: Marina receives the UMD Graduate School Research and Scholarship Award (RASA).

11/2014: Marina receives the MD Academy of Science Outstanding Young Scientist Award. Check the UMD story here,  and a short video describing our research, produced by the MD Science Center. Press coverage can be found here: MD Science Center, News2,, PRNewswire,

10/2014: Chen is awarded The Jacob K. Goldhaber Travel Grant to present his work at Fall MRS (in solid-state batteries and on plasmonics). Congrats Chen – well done!

10/2014: Eric is awarded the UMD SEEDS Research Fellowship for his research in high efficiency solar cells. Congratulations Eric! Read more about the Program here or here.

09/2014: Marina delivers an invited presentation at the Workshop on Defects in Wide Band Gap Semiconductors at UMD. Thanks to Aris Christou for organizing a very stimulating event!

09/2014: Congrats to Allen for his ASPIRE (A Scholars Program for Industry-Oriented Research in Engineering) research scholarship! This fellowship is a recognition for his very cool work on plasmonics. Check the news story  here.

09/2014: Beth’s work on PV is highlighted in the MSE website. Check here for details.

09/2014: Our paper on battery is in press and will be featured on the inside Cover of Journal of Mat. Chem. A. Check later for a copy…

09/2014: Congrats to Chen and Beth for passing their qualifying exam! Well done :)

07/2014: Marina receives the UMD Minta Martin Award.

06/2014: Congrats to Beth for her Best Poster Award at the 40th IEEE PVSC! Good job Beth.

06/2014: Allen and Chen present their work on plasmonics at the Maryland Nanoday.

05/2014: Eric is named a 2014-2015 Merrill Presidential Scholar. Congrats Eric! Check the full story here.

05/2014: Ellen just joined our group. Welcome Ellen!

05/2014: Eric is going to MIT for a summer internship experience. Congrats and enjoy Boston!

04/2014: We moved to our permanent lab space in IREAP. Very exciting!

04/2014: Marina presents the work on all-solid-state batteries at Spring MRS meeting.

01/2014: Our work in collaboration with NIST is published in JPV.

01/2014: Welcome Allen and Eric – undergraduate students.

01/2014: Alexander joins the group. Welcome Alex!

11/2013: Marina presents the work “Photocurrent Tomography of Polycrystalline Thin Film Solar Cells” at Fall MRS Meeting.

10/2013: Welcome to Chen – second graduate student.

09/2013: Welcome to Elizabeth – group’s first graduate student.

09/2013: Marina starts as an assistant professor at MSE and IREAP.